Nissan tech info

Factory Service Manuals:

Turbo stuff:

Turbo oil feed
turbo side: 7/16JIC X 24tpi
engine side (elbow): S13 is M12 x 1
engine side (engine block): S13 1/8 x 28g BSPT
engine side (banjo): S14 is M12 x 1.25
engine side (banjo): S15 is M12 x 1.25


Engine tech:

Lambada sensor – M18 x 1.5
Head to exhaust manifold studs – M10 x 1.25
Manifold to turbo studs – M8 x 1.25 (same as turbo to turbo elbow)
Turbo to elbow studs/bolts – M8 x 1.25
Turbo elbow studs (3 of them) – M10 x 1.25, note that the part of the stud that is screwed in the cast elbow is a regular M10 x 1.5
Turbo water feed banjo bolt(turbo side and engine side) – M14 x 1.5
Oil pressure sender – 1/8 x 28g BSPT
Oil pan drain bolt – M12 x 1.25
Dashboard water temperature sensor (with one wire) – M12 x 1.25
ECU water temperature sensor (with two wires) – M12 x 1.5

Wheel studs – M12 x 1.25
All brake lines (mbc + calipers) – M10 x 1.0


Common bolts and threads:
8mm head = M5x.8
10mm head = M6x1.0
12mm head = M8x1.25
14mm head = M10x1.25
17mm head = M12x1.25
19mm head = M14x1.25


S-body wheel studs:
S13 front + rear, S14/S15/R32/R33/R34/Z32 rear – 13mm knurl diameter, M12x1,25
S14/S15/R32/R33/R34/Z32 front, Z33 front + rear – 14,3mm knurl diameter, M12x1,25


21mm OD, 18 spline, 215mm – Sentra SER, Sunny GTI (SR20DE FWD)
25.5mm OD, 24 spline, 224mm – Pulsar GTiR, S13, S14 (SR20DET FWD+RWD)
25.5mm OD, 24 spline, 215mm – S13 CA18DET (CA18DET FWD+RWD)

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