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Understanding corner weights

If you raise the ride height at a given corner (put a turn in or add a round of wedge), the weight on that corner will increase, as will the weight on the diagonally opposite corner. The other two corners will lose weight.


Bore x Stroke x Rod length:

SR20 – 86mm x 86mm
CA18 – 83mm x 83.6mm
KA24 – 89mm x 96mm
2JZ – 86mm x 86mm x 140mm
1JZ – 86mm x 71.5mm x 125.25
7M – 83mm x 91mm x 152mm

Air speed and density

CFM * density of air = lb/min
Air density at sea level is 0.076lb/ft3

Generally 1 lb/min equals ~10hp, so 50lb/min of air flow should generate around 500hp.

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