R154 rebuild info

Original text and pics by Jacks Transmissions on supraforums.

Toyota factory service manual for R154 can be found at – http://www.cygnusx1.net/Supra/Library/TSRM/MK3/manual.aspx?S=MT&P=1

Once the unit is received we will take it to our tear-down room and begin the disassembly process.

Once the unit is torn down we run it through our state-of-the-art cleaning equipment to assure all is spotless and clean.

This Stage 3 rebuild includes a number of aftermarket performance upgrades which include billet shift forks for 1-2 and 3-4 gears, 1st gear upgraded thrust washer, upgraded synchro rings, and upgraded mid-case thrust plate.

Picture below of the 1-2 billet fork upgrade. Cast fork on the LEFT, new billet fork on the RIGHT:

Pic below of the 3-4 billet fork upgrade. Cast fork on the LEFT, new billet fork on the RIGHT:

1st gear upgraded thrust washer. OEM on the RIGHT, aftermarket on the LEFT:

These new synchro rings allow for a more accurate up-shift with the synchro ramps modified for a better contact area. Note the synchro in the 2nd picture. The teeth are of a different design for the new replacement synchro on the RIGHT:

Thrust plate below. OEM on the LEFT, new plate on the RIGHT:

After all parts are cleaned and thoroughly inspected, the assembly process begins. New bearings are laid out and ready to be pressed into their new home:

Input shaft gets a new end bearing, synchro and needle bearing.

Counter gear cluster assembly gets the cleaning and inspection treatment with new bearings:

Output gear cluster gets new synchros, bearings, 1st gear thrust and synchro blueprinting work performed for the best shift quality possible:

3rd gear and synchro installed:

Gear clusters installed with aftermarket thrust plate assembly:

Forks and rails installed:

5/R synchro and gears installed:

New input and output seals installed:

Case assembled: