Nissan s-body steering lock modifications

Rubber boot for offset steering spacers – Pascal I60500PC

S13 steering shaft bushing, thickness 9mm

Drivers side travel is limited so only ~7mm spacer can be used.
Passangers side rod travel is unlimited so ~13mm spacer/adapter can be used. Stock toe rod thread length is not long enough to space more than ~10mm so adapter spacer is required.

steering lock spacer

2 angle spacers goes on both sides of tie rods, outer diameter 24mm, inner 16mm. You can make up them till 7mm (powered by Max, Uras are 6mm) height to be “safe” on stock rods, don’t forget using locktite.

Thread into the rack needs to be 16mm x 1.0mm pitch

S13 tie rod ends: M12 x 1,25
S14 tie rod ends: M14 x 1,5
S15 tie rod ends: M12 x 1,25

S13 spindle diameter 30mm
S14 spindle diameter 34mm
S14a spindle diameter 34mm, has washer

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