1JZ/2JZ sump information

JZ engines come with several different oil pan configurations – front sump, mid sump and rear sump. Most popular are front sumps and rear sumps, they are available new from toyota. Mid sumps are rare as unicorns and discontinued.

Front sump

Originally found in JZS147 JZS160 Aristo, JZX90 JZX100 JZX110 Chaser. Used to swap JZ’s to rear rack chassis like Nissan S13/14/15, Z33, GT86.

Low profile front sump – non-VVT-i (up to 97)

12111-46112 (GTE), 12111-46061 (GE) – upper alu pan
12102-46011 – lower steel pan
12121-46010 – baffle plate
15104-46060 – oil pickup (15104-46010, 15104-46011 are old style oil pickups and looks like this)

low profile steel pan

High profile front sump – VVT-i 97+ – increased clearance for sway bar

12111-46112 (GTE), 12111-46061 (GE) – upper alu pan
12102-46040 – lower steel pan
12121-46010 – baffle plate
15104-46070 – oil pickup

high profile steel pan

Difference is in lower steel pan and oil pickup only. Low profile steel pan has better ground clearance for low cars.

Mid sump

Originally found in JZS131, JZS141 Crown.
12111-46031 – upper alu pan
12102-46020 – lower steel pan
12121-46020 – baffle plate
15104-46020 – oil pickup

Rear sump

Originally found in JZZ30 Soarer, JZA80 Supra. Used to swap JZ’s into front steering rack chassis like BMW’s E36,E46.
12111-46052 (GTE/turbo, with turbo oil drain), 12111-46041 (GE/NA) – upper alu pan
12102-46031 – lower steel pan
12121-46030 – baffle plate
15104-46030 – oil pickup

rear sump

4WD mid sump

Originally found in JZX105 Chaser Avante, JZS179 2JZ-GE Crown/Crown Majesta.
12101-46032 – upper alu pan
12102-46061 – lower steel pan
15104-46051 – oil pickup
15100-46100 – 4wd oil pump, vvti version with crank sensor location in the housing
15100-46070 – 4wd oil pump, without crank sensor
Oil pick up bolts directly to oil pump, not the upper alu pan. Some modifications needed to fit it to RWD if RWD oil pump is used.


15100-46100 – JZ 4wd vvti oil pump

2JZ-GE 4wd intake side with diff and transfer case visible

2JZ-GE 4wd

JZ 4wd sump