Deutsch DT Series Connectors

Reliable and robust connectors designed and made by TE Connectivity, widely used in high-end motorsport wiring solutions, but gaining popularity in general public due to low cost and low failure rate.

A little guide how to select required connector housing

  • DT – regular (2,3,4,6,8,12 pins, max 13 amps continuous)
  • DTM – mini (2,3,4,6,8,12 pins, max 7.5 amps continuous)
  • DTP – power (2,4 pins, max 25 amps continuous)

Terminals are pin and barrel. Both can be found solid style (flow formed) or stamped (stamped and formed). Different size pins and rubber insulation are available to fit your wire size.

There are two different contact finished available

  • Nickel plated – mainly used for high amp and power circuits
  • Gold plated – used for sensors and communication channels

You can find all connector housings, retaining clips, insulation inserts and terminals at digikey store

Available low cost crimpers – HJ18BD, Tool Aid 18700