Nissan N14 GTI tech info

Nissan Sunny GTI N14 SR20DE tech stuff

Front brakes – AD22VF

Front discs: 257×26 vented
oem 4020654C01
BREMBO 09.7357.10

Rear discs: 258×9 solid
OEM 4320654C01
BREMBO 08.5443.40
Comline ADC0235

Front pads:
oem 4106054C87
Mintex MDB1500

Rear pads:
oem 4406054C91, 4406073C91
Mintex MDB1707

Front brake caliper rebuild kit:
OEM 41120-11L27
Frenkit 254048
PROTEX 210E0013 A17J2C

Front caliper piston: 54mm diameter
oem 41121-11L01

Rear brake caliper rebuild kit:
OEM 44120-61E26
D3312 / AUTOFREN ?
203410 / BUDWEG
234005 / Frenkit

Rear caliper piston: 34mm diameter x 47mm height
oem 44123-61E00
P334601 / Frenkit – (P344801?)
233416 / BUDWEG



rear bearing: oem 4320050Y02, 4320050Y07, 4320050Y02


Ignition leads (aukštos įtampos laidai)
oem 22450-53J85, 22450-53J87
Bosch 0 986 356 799 – set

Rotor o-ring (paskirstytojo o-ringas)
oem 22131-30R00
oem 22131-1E401

Rotor cap (paskirstytojo dangtelis):
oem 22162-53J00
YEC K11033
Facet KW 822073

Rotor head (paskirstytojo skriejikas):
oem 22157-54C01
YEC K21030

Spark plugs:
oem 22401-53J06
Denso K20R

Water pump:
GMB D11043

O2 sensor:
oem 2269064J01
NTK/NGK OTD2F-3K1 1907
FAE DV-XF081 / FAE77181
WALKER 250-23143

ECU water temp sender:
oem 22630-51E00, 22630-51E02

Dash water temp sender:
oem 25080-89903



NGK BKR6E-11 is considered the best copper core plug

rear bush stabilizer 5624358Y10 – 15mm

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