Nissan R200 differential shim part number and thickness

Pinion height shims:

38154-P6017 T=3.09
38154-P6018 T=3.12
38154-P6019 T=3.15
38154-P6020 T=3.18
38154-P6021 T=3.21
38154-P6022 T=3.24
38154-P6023 T=3.27
38154-P6024 T=3.30
38154-P6025 T=3.33
38154-P6026 T=3.36
38154-P6027 T=3.39
38154-P6028 T=3.42
38154-P6029 T=3.45
38154-P6030 T=3.48
38154-P6031 T=3.51
38154-P6032 T=3.54
38154-P6033 T=3.57
38154-P6034 T=3.60
38154-P6035 T=3.63
38154-P6036 T=3.66

If your application requires shims that are out of the available Nissan shim range, you can use Toyota shims as well to achieve required pinion height.

90201-35497 T=1.70
90201-35498 T=1.73
90201-35499 T=1.76
90201-35500 T=1.79
90201-35501 T=1.82
90201-35502 T=1.85
90201-35503 T=1.88
90201-35504 T=1.91
90201-35505 T=1.94
90201-35506 T=1.97
90201-35507 T=2.00
90201-35508 T=2.03
90201-35509 T=2.06
90201-35510 T=2.09
90201-35511 T=2.12
90201-35512 T=2.15
90201-35513 T=2.18
90201-35514 T=2.21
90201-35515 T=2.24
90201-35516 T=2.27
90201-35517 T=2.30
90201-35518 T=2.33

Pinion bearing preload shims:

38125-61001 T=3.81
38126-61001 T=3.83
38127-61001 T=3.85
38128-61001 T=3.87
38129-61001 T=3.89
38130-61001 T=3.91
38131-61001 T=3.93
38132-61001 T=3.95
38133-61001 T=3.97
38134-61001 T=3.99
38135-61001 T=4.01
38136-61001 T=4.03
38137-61001 T=4.05
38138-61001 T=4.07
38139-61001 T=4.09

38165-61001 L=56.00
38165-B4000 L=54.50
38165-B4001 L=54.80
38165-B4002 L=55.10
38165-B4003 L=55.40
38165-B4004 L=55.70

Side bearing adjustment shims:

38453-N3100 T=2.00
38453-N3101 T=2.05
38453-N3102 T=2.10
38453-N3103 T=2.15
38453-N3104 T=2.20
38453-N3105 T=2.25
38453-N3106 T=2.30
38453-N3107 T=2.35
38453-N3108 T=2.40
38453-N3109 T=2.45
38453-N3110 T=2.50
38453-N3111 T=2.55
38453-N3112 T=2.60
38453-N3113 T=2.65

38454-N3160 – thick spacer. It’s thickness varies around 7.95-8.05mm