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  1. Do you guys know what bolt fits in a s14 14411-69F00? I bought a braided line from FRsport and the bolt intended to go into the turbo doesn’t fit. It’s almost as if the pitch isn’t right. any input would be great thanks

  2. Hi Mate,Do you guys have any Race tune ECU for My car model? Nissan Micra K11 CG 10 model. or any Tuning daughter board??Please let me know if there is any re mapping ECU, and price.ThanksHarry

  3. For the R154 Stage 3 build where can I get the same kit with the parts that were installed or was it pieced together?

  4. Hey guys Im looking into swapping a 4.9 gear ration into my s13 diff. My question is would the 04 xterra front diff ring and pinion fit on my s13 diff? Also what other Nissan differential has 4.9 gear ration that will fit s13 diff.

    • 4.875 from Caravan E24 or Terrano WD21 and 4.9 from C23 Serena would be your best sources to get a ring and pinion from

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