CA18DET tech info

Nissan CA18DET

Bore 83mm
Stroke 83.6mm
Volume 1809cc
Bore center distance – 91.5mm

Connecting rod length – 133mm
Rod to stroke ratio – 1.59
Block height 204,75

Head volume 51cc
Compression ratio 8:1

Head gasket thickness 1.5mm

Camshaft specs – IN 240° 7.8mm, EX 248° 8.5mm

Stock rev limit for european ecu’s – 7200rpm, JDM ecu’s 7700rpm. Last RPM cell on stock ecu is at 6800, everything above is correlated.

Stock injectors 370cc, top feed, low imp

Top radiator hose diameter – 36mm
Cam cover bolts – 8x M6 20mm, 8x M6 40mm

Oil filter – 3/4-16UNF
Oil capacity – 3.5l

Cooling system capacity – 7l

Gearbox oil – 75w90 GL4, 2.4l
Diff oil – GL5, 1.8l

Front main/crank seal – 40x52x7 (clockwise rotation)
Cam seal – 40x52x7 (clockwise rotation)
Rear main/crank seal – 84x104x11mm (counterclockwise rotation)

Spark plugs – NGK PFR6A-11, BCPR6ES, DENSO K20PR-U | 1 step colder BCPR7ES, K22PR-U
Stock gap 1-1.1mm

Thread pitches and bolt lengths

Oil pressure switch 1/8x28g BSPT
Turbo oil feed hole in block 1/8x28g BSPT
Turbo oil feed fitting elbow M12x1
Turbo cooling fitting in elbow/turbo banjo M14x1.5

Tightnening torque

Oil pan drain plug 29-39Nm
Spark plug 20-29Nm
Crank angle sensor 7-8Nm
Crankshaft pulley 142-152Nm
Timing belt tensioner pulley nut 22-29Nm