Nissan CA18DET/SR20DET aftermarket parts reference

OEM and aftermarket Nissan CA18DET/SR20DET engine part numbers and cross reference

S13 200SX CA18DET

Oil filter – 15208H8903, 15208H890C, FRAM PH3682, MANN W7041
Water pump – GMB D11018
Thermostat – Wahler WA3118.82D1 (82C)
Timing belt – 13028-51E10, Contitech CT515, Mitsuboshi E31008
Timing belt tensioner bearing – 13070-D4200, NSK E41008
Timing belt idler bearing – 13077-D4200, GMB E51008
Cam & front crank seals – 1304216V00, 1304242L00, 1351010Y00, 1351010Y10, AJUSA 15016900, 40x52x7
Rear crank seal – 1227918V00, 122791E000,1227930P00, 1227953J10, 12279D0100, AJUSA 15037500, 84x104x11
Main bearings grade 0 – TAIHO M083H
Rod bearings grade 0 – TAIHO R083H
Cam cover gasket – 13270-56E00 intake side, 13270-56E10 exhaust side, AJUSA 56002300 (full set)
Cam cover rubber D plug – 11051-58S00
Intake manifold gasket – 14035-D5720, AJUSA 13132000
Exhaust manifold gasket – AJUSA 13096900 (4 pcs)
Exh manifold to turbo gasket – 14415-17M00
Turbo bolt locking plate – 14495-17F00 (14495-40P10, 14495-05U01) (2 pcs)
Front brake caliper piston (ABS 57mm) – AUTOFREN D025322
Front brake caliper rebuild kit (ABS 57mm) – AUTOFREN D4232
Rear brake caliper rebuild kit (35mm) – AUTOFREN D4555 (caliper), D42526C (caliper with piston), D7436 (guides), D7154C (guides with bolts)

S14 200SX SR20DET

Thermostat – Wahler WA4635.76 (76C)
Oil filter – 15208-65F00, FRAM PH6607, MANN W67/1
Front crank seal – 135102J200, 1351053J01, 1351053J11, 1351053J12, AJUSA 15045100, 46x58x7
Rear crank seal – 122791N500, 122791N510, 122796N200,  AJUSA 15037500, 84x104x8.5
Cam cover gasket – 13270-65F00, AJUSA 56032100 (full kit)
Cam cover o-rings – 13271-65F00
Main bearings grade 0 – 12207-60J00, TAIHO M098H
Main bearings grade 1 (+0.25) – TAIHO M098H025
Main bearings grade 2 (+0.50) – TAIHO M098H050
Rod bearings grade 0 – 12111-60J00, TAIHO R098H
Rod bearings grade 1 (+0.25) – TAIHO R098H025
Rod bearings grade 2 (+0.50) – TAIHO R098H050
Crank thrust bearing – 12280-60J00, TAIHO T098H
Turbo to manifold gasket T2 – 14415-75F10
Turbo locking plates – 14495-17F00
Turbo dump pipe gasket – 14445-75F10
Water pump – 21010-65F27, GMB GWN-75A, AISIN WPN-084
Gear shifter plastic bushing – 32861-H7301
Gear shifter boot – 32862-V5002
Oil pressure switch – FAE 12420

Water pump/alternator belt – AY14050935, 5PK935
Power steering belt – AY14N30875, 3PK875
AC belt – AY14040880, 4PK880

Front caliper rebuild kit – Frenkit 240012, AUTOFREN D4-407
Brake pads front – Ferodo premier FDB1433

S13 180sx SR20DET redtop

Oil filter – MANN W67/2
Cam cover gasket – 13270-52F00
Cam cover o-rings – 13271-52F00-JP (4pcs)


VG30DETT piston rings – 12036-F6511 (NPR SWN30058ZZ, SWN30094ZZ):
1st compression ring – 1.5mm
2nd compression ring – 1.5mm
3rd oil ring – 2.8mm

Cometic metal head gaskets for NISSAN engines

S13 CA18DET – C4480 (85mm)
FWD SR20DE, SR20DET FWD (no additional oil holes) – C4575 (87mm), C4130 (88.5mm)
FWD SR16VE, SR20VE – C4600
S13 SR20DE, SR20DET (1 Extra Oil Hole on Intake Side of Gasket) – C4324 (87.5mm)
S14/S15 SR20DE, SR20DET (2 Extra Oil Holes on Intake Side of Gasket) – C4283 (88.5mm)
RNN14 SR20DET AWD – C4543 (87.5mm)
RB20 – C4495 (80mm)
RB25 – C4317 (86mm)
RB26 – C4319 (86mm)

Power steering pump rebuild kit

S13 SR20DET – 4912835F25, 4959103U27
S14 SR20DET – 495910C127

Brake rebuild kits
BM44 23.8 15/16″ – D1298 D1382 D1260, frenkit 123037 123021 123006 123020 123010


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