SR20DET tech info

SR20DET tech info

Cylinder bore x stroke – 86mm x 86mm
Connecting rod length – 136.3mm
Volume 1998cc
Compression ratio 8.5:1
Camshaft lift and duration 240° 9.2mm (RWD SR20DE uses 248° 10mm INLET cam)

SR20DET Intake valve 6mm stem,
SR20DET Exhaust valve 7mm stem, sodium filled. Converting to 6mm stem exhaust valves you will need: valves NEVN-1005 (6mm stem), valve guides NSR6-ET (6mm ID, 11mm OD), valve stem seal VS-T6E

SR20 CAS O-ring 21x29x4mm
Fuel injector cap bolt – M5 x 0.8 x 15mm
SR20 flywheel bolts – M10 x 1.0, 25mm – 8pcs
SR20 clutch pressure plate to flywheel bolts – M8 x 1.25 (length 16mm, head 12mm, class 10.9, split washer) – 9pcs

S14/S15 SR20DET Cam cover outer gasket – 13270-65F00
Cam cover inner gasket – 13271-65F00
Cam cover bolt washer with rubber seal – 13268-31U01

SR20 front oil seal – 13510-53J11
SR20 rear oil seal – 12279-53J10

Nissan updated camshaft oil spray bars on some late year SR20 models. They have enlarged oil holes for better camshaft lobe lubrication.
S15 SR20DET uprated camshaft oil spray bar – intake side – 15108-53J03
S15 SR20DET uprated camshaft oil spray bar – exhaust side – 15108-53J13

Chain tensioner gasket – 13079-2J200
S14/S15 updated oil pickup – 15050-65F01
Oil pickup gasket – 15053-1E400

Updated exhaust side chain guide – 13091-2J202
Exhaust side chain guide bolt – 13094-53J01
Updated intake side chain guide – 13085-1N500
Intake side chain guide bolt – 13075-40F10

Late model hydraulic lifter – 13234-53J01

Gearbox shifter plate gasket – 32516-03U11
Gearbox shifter rubber boot – 32862-V5002

Oil filter thread
SR20DET redtop – 3/4-16UNF
SR20DET blacktop + s14/s15 – M20×1.5

Turbo oil feed line thread – M12x1.25
Turbo oil drain fitting thread – 1/2″-14 BSPT
Turbo coolant feed/return fitting thread – M14x1.5

Head bolts M11x1.5 (10), M6x40 (1, double washer), M6x25 (1, double washer)

Power steering belt – 3PK875
Water pump/alternator belt – 5PK935
AC belt – 4PK880

SR20DET piston part numbers
Grade 1 = A2010-75F60
Grade 2 = A2010-75F61
Grade 3 = A2010-75F62
Oversize .2 = A2010-75F76

SR20DET bearings
Main grade 0 – 12207-60J00 (TAIHO M098H)
Rod grade 0 – 12111-60J00 (TAIHO R098H)
Thrust washer – 12280-60J00 (TAIHO T098H)

SR20DET oem headgasket thickness – 1.6mm

SR20 front main/crank seal – 46x58x7mm (clockwise rotation)
SR20 rear main/crank seal – 87x104x11mm (counterclockwise rotation)

DET and DE ignition chamber volume – 46cc
VE ignition chamber volume – 40cc

Head height 136.9 – 137.1 mm

Valve springs:

SR20DE fwd 58.02-65.42kg @30.0mm – GREEN
GTIR SR20DET inner 15.8-17.82kg @20.6mm, outer 46.04-51.41kg @27.9mm

S13 SR20DET 25.6 @40.0mm GREEN
S14 SR20DET 58.94-65.42kg @30.0mm
S15 SR20DET 59.00-65.40kg @30.0mm

HKS cams:

HKS S13/S14/S15
INTAKE 22002-AN023 256°, 11.5mm lift (NVCS)
INTAKE 22002-AN025 256°, 11.5mm lift (NON NVCS)
EXHAUST 22002-AN024 256°, 11.5mm lift

INTAKE 22002-AN026 264°, 12mm lift (requires valve springs) (NVCS)
INTAKE 22002-AN028 264°, 12mm lift (requires valve springs) (NON NVCS)
EXHAUST 22002-AN027 264°, 12mm lift (requires valve springs)

EXHAUST 22002-AN030 272°, 11.5mm lift (requires valve springs)


S13/14/15, Primera P10, Serena 90-96 12200-60J00 12200-60J10 full counterweighted
SR20VE, Primera P11 97+ – 12200-2J200 half counterweighted

SR20 NA wrist pin weight 102g, DET 136g
SR20DE 10:1 piston weight 388g, DET 373g

Spark plugs:

SR20DE – NGK BKR6E, BKR6E-11 (copper) 1.1mm gap
SR20DET – NGK BKR6E (copper), NGK BKR6EIX (iridium), DENSO K20PR-U copper, DENSO IK22 iridium – 0.9mm gap | 1 step colder NGK BKR7E (copper), DENSO K22PR-U copper, DENSO IK22 iridium

SR20DET gearbox / bellhousing bolts:


1 – M12x1.75 – 68mm – x2
2 – M12x1.75 – 63mm – x3
3 – M12x1.75 – 78mm – x2 – starter bolts
4 – M10x1.5 – 60mm – x3
5 – M10x1.5 – 30mm – x1

Electrical stuff – AFM:

SR20 afms (all have different plugs):
S13 redtop 52F00, 53F00, 53F01
S13 NA 52F01
S14 69F00
S14a 69F01
S14 K’s JDM early 62F00 (different plug)
S14 NA JDM late 52F01
S14 K’s JDM late 62F01
S15 NA JDM 52F01

S14 loom has square black connector, S14a has an oval brown connector. S14a afm will fit s14 with mofications to plug.


Nissan ecu’s marked as 23710 (2371M remanufactured nissan item), last part code consists of engine specific code (for example “65F” found in s14 sr20det), gearbox/type (0 manual, 1 auto, 6 manual late model, 7 auto late model), ecu revision 1-6.

S13 SR20DET MT : 23710-50F00 (redtop)
S13 SR20DET MT : 23710-50F01 (redtop)
S13 SR20DET MT : 23710-50F05 (blacktop)
S13 SR20DET AT : 23710-50F10 (redtop)
S13 SR20DET AT : 23710-50F11 (redtop)
S13 SR20DET AT : 23710-50F15 (blacktop)
S13 SR20DE MT : 23710-52F00 (silvertop)
S13 SR20DE AT : 23710-52F10 (silvertop)
S13 SR20DET MT : 23710-60F06 (type-x)
S13 SR20DET MT : 23710-60F07 (type-x)

S14 SR20DE MT : 23710-65F00 (series 1)
S14 SR20DE AT : 23710-65F10 (series 1)
S14 SR20DET MT : 23710-69F00 (series 1)
S14 SR20DET MT : 23710-69F01 (series 1)
S14 SR20DET MT : 23710-74F00 (series 1)
S14 SR20DET MT : 23710-74F01 (series 1)
S14 SR20DET MT : 23710-75F00 (series 1)
S14 SR20DET AT : 23710-75F10 (series 1)
S14 SR20DET MT : 23710-80F00 (series 2)
S14 SR20DET AT : 23710-80F10 (series 2)
S14 SR20DET MT : 23710-82F00 (series 2)
S14 SR20DET MT : 23710-82F01 (series 2)
S14 SR20DET MT : 23710-82F04 (series 2)
S14 SR20DET MT : 23710-82F05 (series 2)
S14 SR20DET MT : 23710-82F06 (series 2)
S14 SR20DET MT : 23710-82F08 (series 2)
S14 SR20DET MT : 23710-83F00 (series 2)
S14 SR20DET AT : 23710-83F10 (series 2)

S15 SR20DE MT : 23710-85F02
S15 SR20DET MT : 23710-91F00
S15 SR20DET MT : 23710-91F01
S15 SR20DET MT : 23710-91F05
S15 SR20DET MT : 23710-91F06
S15 SR20DET MT : 23710-91F07
S15 SR20DET MT : 23710-93F00
S15 SR20DET AT : 23710-93F10