Nissan R200 diff ratios + drivetrain info

Nissan R200 diff ratios:

3.133 – 47/15 – fine pitch
3.357 – 47/14 – fine pitch
3.364 – 37/11 – normal pitch
3.538 – 46/13 – fine pitch
3.545 – 39/11 – normal pitch
3.692 – 48/13 – fine pitch
3.700 – 37/10 – normal pitch
3.900 – 39/10 – normal pitch
3.916 – 47/12 – fine pitch
4.083 – 49/12 – fine pitch
4.111 – 37/9 – normal pitch
4.363 – 48/11 – fine pitch
4.375 – 35/8 – normal pitch
4.625 – 37/8 – normal pitch
4.636 – 51/11 – fine pitch
4.875 – 39/8 – normal pitch
4.900 – 49/10 – fine pitch
5.111 – 46/9 – fine pitch
5.143 – 36/7 – normal pitch
5.286 – 37/7 – normal pitch
5.429 – 38/7 – normal pitch

Z32 – VG30DETT – R230V – 3.692 (6×1 output shafts)
Z32 – VG30DE – R200V – 4.083 (5×1 output shafts)
Z33 – MT – R200 – 3.538 (6×1 output shafts)
Z33 – MT – R200V – 3.538 (6×1 output shafts)
Z33 – AT – R200V – 3.357 (6×1 output shafts)
Z34 – MT – R200V – 3.692
Z34 – AT – R200V – 3.357

G35 – Sedan – AT – R200 – 3.357
G35 – Sedan – MT – R200V – 3.538
G35 – Sedan – AWD – AT – R200 – 3.357
G35 – Coupe – MT – R200V – 3.538
G35 – Coupe – AT – R200 – 3.357
G35 – Coupe – AT – R200V – 3.357
G37 – Sedan – MT – R200V – 3.692
G37 – Sedan – AT – R200V – 3.357
Q45 – G50 – VH45D – R200V – 3.538
Q45 – F50 – VK45 2002 – 2.765
Q45 – F50 – VK45 2003+ – 3.133
Q45 – FY33 – R200V – 3.692
J30 – R200V – 3.916

R32 GTE – RB20E – 4.363
R32 GTE – RB20E (ABS) – manual/auto – 4.083
R32 GTS-t – RB20DET – manual/auto – 4.363
R32 – RB20DET 4wd – manual – 4.375
R32 – RB25DE – auto – 3.538
R32 GTR – RB26DETT – manual – F160 – 4.111 – (Front final gear)
R32 GTR – RB26DETT – manual – R200 (clutch type LSD) – 4.111

R33 GTS – RB20E – manual/auto – 4.083
R33 GTS – RB20E (96.1+) – auto – 3.538
R33 GTS – RB25DE (93-95) – auto – 3.538
R33 GTS – RB25DE (96+) – auto – 4.363
R33 GTS – RB25DE – manual – 4.363
R33 GTS-4- RB25DE 4wd – manual/auto – 4.363
R33 GTST – RB25DET – manual – R200V – 4.111
R33 GTST – RB25DET – auto – 4.363
R33 GTR – RB26DETT – manual – R200 (mechanical LSD) – 4.111 (6×1 output shafts)
R33 GTR Vspec – RB26DETT – manual – R200V (ATTESSA hydraulic controlled) – 4.111 (6×1 output shafts)

R34 GT – RB20DE – manual/auto – 4.363
R34 GT – RB25DE – manual – 4.363
R34 GT – RB25DE – auto – 4.083
R34 GT-FOUR – RB25DE 4wd – manual/auto – 4.363
R34 GTT – RB25DET – manual – R200H – 4.111
R34 GTT – RB25DET – auto – 4.111
R34 GTR – RB26DETT – manual – R200 – 3.545

S15 – SR20DE – manual/auto – 4.083
S15 – SR20DET – manual – R200H – 3.692
S15 – SR20DET – auto – R200V – 3.916

S14 – KA24DE – USDM – manual/auto – 4.083
S14 – SR20DET – EDM – manual – R200V – 3.692
S14 – SR20DET – EDM – auto – R200V – 3.916
S14 – SR20DET – ADM – manual – 3.692
S14 – SR20DE – JDM – manual – 4.083
S14 – SR20DET – JDM – manual – 4.083
S14 – SR20DET – JDM – auto – 3.916

S13 – KA24DE – USDM – manual/auto – R200/R200V – 4.083
S13 – CA18DE – JDM – r180 6 bolt – manual/auto – 4.363
S13 – CA18DET – EDM – manual/auto – R200/R200V – 3.916
S13 – CA18DET – ADM – manual/auto – 4.363
S13 – CA18DET – JDM – manual/auto – 4.363
S13 – SR20DE (ABS) – manual/auto – 4.111
S13 – SR20DET – manual – 4.111
S13 – SR20DET – auto – 3.916
PS13/RPS13 – SR20DE (ABS) – JDM – manual/auto – 4.083
PS13/RPS13 – SR20DET – JDM – manual – 4.083
PS13/RPS13 – SR20DET – JDM – auto – 3.916

A31 – RB20E – manual/auto – 3.916 (5 & 6 bolt)
A31 – RB20DE – manual – 4.363
A31 – RB20DE – auto – 4.083
A31 – RB20DET – manual/auto – 4.363
A31 – RB20DET 4wd – manual/auto – 4.375
A31 – RB25DE – auto – 3.538

C23 – SR20DE – manual/auto – 4.363
C23 – CD20T – manual/auto – 4.363
C23 – LD23 – manual/auto – 4.363
C23 – CD20T 4wd – manual/auto – 4.636
C23 – LD23 4wd – manual/auto – 4.636
C23 – SR20DE 4wd – auto – 4.900
C23 – SR20DE 4wd – manual – 4.636
C23 – GA16DE – 4.636

C33 – RD28 – manual – 3.916
C33 – RD28 – auto – 3.692
C33 – RB20E – auto – 3.583
C33 – RB20DE – manual – 4.363
C33 – RB20DE – auto – 4.083
C33 – RB20DET – auto – 4.363
C33 – RB20E/RB25DE – auto – 3.538

C34 – RB20E – manual/auto – 3.916
C34 – RB20DE – auto – 4.111
C34 – RB25DE – auto – 4.363
C34 – RB25DE 4wd – auto – 4.363
C34 – RB25DET – auto – 4.111

C35 – RD28 – manual/auto – 3.692
C35 – RB20DE – auto – 4.111
C35 – RB25DE 4wd – auto – 4.363
C35 – RB25DET – auto – 4.111

Y32 – VG20E – AT – 4.636
Y32 – VG30D/ VG30E – AT – 3.133
Y32 – VG30DET – AT – 3.692
Y32 – RD28 – AT – 4.083
Y33 – VG20E – AT – R200/R200V – 4.636
Y33 – RD28 – AT – 4.083
Y33 – VG30DE – AT – 4.083
Y33 – VG30DET – AT – 3.916

WC34 – SR20DE 4wd – manual/auto – 4.363
WC34 – RB20E – manual/auto – 4.083
WC34 – RB20DE – manual/auto – 4.083
WC34 – RB25DE – manual/auto – 4.083
WC34 – RB25DET – manual/auto – 4.083
WC34 – RB25DET 4wd – manual – 4.111
WC34 – RB25DET 4wd – auto – 4.083
WC34 – RB26DETT 4wd – manual – 4.111

OE Part numbers

R200/C200 part numbers only – please be aware that there are R180, H190 and C233b differentials also available and their ring and pinion are not interchangeable with R200 case
38100-17M60 47/15 3.133 Y32 Cedric/Gloria VG30E/VG30D
38100-08M60 47/14 3.357 JHG50 President VH45D
38100-09M60 46/13 3.538 R32 RB25DE AT, R33 RB25DE AT, C33 RB20E AT
38100-10M60 46/13 3.538 G50 VH45D
38100-01M60 48/13 3.692 S14 MT
38100-11M60 48/13 3.692 C34 RD28 AT, Y32 VH41DE/VG30DET, AUDM S14 SR20DET MT
38100-F3200 (38100-F3201) 37/10 3.700 F22 WT.TD23, D22 YD25 2WD
38100-F3300 39/10 3.900 D21 KA24 2WD
38100-02M60 (38100-02M65) 47/12 3.917 S13 CA18DET
38100-12M65 47/12 3.917 S14 SR20DET AT 96+
38100-03M60 49/12 4.083 S13 SR20DET
38100-13M60 49/12 4.083 Z32 VG30DE, S14 KA24DE/SR20DET 1296+ (13mm bolts)
38100-03W00 (38100-03W60) 49/12 4.083 Terrano R50 ZD30 front diff
38100-F3401 (38100-F3480) 37/9 4.111 R20 KA24 2WD, D22 KA24 2WD rear C200
38100-04W00 (38100-04W60) 48/11 4.363 Terrano R50 TD27 front diff
38100-04M00 (38100-04M60) 48/11 4.363 Serena C23M SR20 – R200
38100-F3500 (38100-F3580) 35/8 4.375 Terrano WD21 VG30 MT front diff, D21 TD25 rear C200 (12mm bolts)
38100-F5600 (38100-F5601, 38100-F5680) 37/8 4.625 Terrano WD21 VG30 AT (0190+), R20 KA24 4WD rear C200
38100-05M00 (38100-05M60) 51/11 4.636 Xterra WD22 front, Frontier D22U, Serena C23M High Roof rear C200 (12mm bolts)
38100-15M60 51/11 4.636 C23 SR20DE 4WD MT + CD20ET 4WD, W30 KA24 4WD + CD20TI 2WD
38100-F5700 (38100-F5701, 38100-F5780) 39/8 4.875 E24 TD23 MT, Terrano WD21 TD27 rear C200 (12mm bolts)
38100-06M60 49/10 4.900 C23 SR20 AT 4WD rear R200
38100-F5800 (38100-F5880) 36/7 5.143 E24 TD23 AT, Caravan E25, Vanette LARGO rear C200

38100-05W00 (38100-05W60) 51/11 4.636 found in Vanette/QX4, R50 VG33E (1097-0700) and some other cars are reverse cut gears and will not work in RWD application

350z diff ratios and part numbers

350z/G35/G37 and other late model nissan cars uses newer R200 design that doesn’t share any ratios with older S13/S14 differentials, but there’s the list of ring and pinion part numbers that fits to 350Z differentials.

38100-0C060 – 47/17 2.765 – Q45 F50 2WD
38100-0C160 – 47/16 2.937 – Frontier D40 VQ40 AT 2WD
38100-0C260 (38100-0B26A) – 47/15 3.133 – Skyline V35 AT, R51 Pathfinder 2WD VQ40
38100-0B36A (38100-1C360, 38100-0F36A) – 47/14 3.357 – 350z AT, 370z AT, R51 Pathfinder 4WD
38100-0C460 (38100-0B46A, 38100-0F46A) – 46/13 3.538 – 350z MT
38100-0B56A (38100-0F56A) – 48/13 3.692 – 370z MT, Navara D40 QR25DE
38100-0B66A – 47/12 3.916 – V36 VQ25 MT
38100-0C760 – 49/12 4.083 – Navara D40 QR25, Frontier D40 QR25
38100-0C860 – 48/11 4.363 – Stagea M35 VQ25 AT (3×2 shafts)

Diff output shafts / stubs

3×2 use 8mm bolts, 5×1 use 8 or 10mm bolts, 6×1 use 10mm bolts
29 and 30 spline stubs are 30mm outside diameter
31 spline stubs are 33mm outside diameter

S13 CA18/KA24/SR20DE/SR20DET AT – 30mm, 29 spline, 3×2
S13 SR20DET MT – 30mm, 29 spline, 5×1
S14 (pre 96/12) – 30mm, 29 spline, 3×2
S14 (96/12+) – 30mm, 30 spline, 3×2
S15 – 30mm, 30 spline, 3×2
J30 (pre 94) – 30mm, 29 spline, 5×1
J30 (94+) – 30mm, 30 spline, 3×2
Z32 NA – 30mm, 29 spline, 5×1
Z32 TT – 31 spline, 6×1
Z33 – 32mm, 31 spline, 6×1
Q45 G50 (pre 96) – 30mm, 30 spline, 6×1
Q45 (96+)- 30mm, 30 spline, 5×1
R32 GTS-T – 30mm, 29 spline, 5×1
R32 GTR (pre pull clutch/94) – 30mm, 30 spline, 6×1
R32 GTR (94+) – 33mm , 31 spline, 6×1
R33 GTS-T – 30mm, 29 spline, 5×1
R33 GTR – 33mm, 31 spline, 6×1
R34 GTT – 30mm, 30 spline, 5×1
R34 GTR – 30 spline, 6×1

Cusco output shaft diagram

Cusco LSD unit diagram

NISMO GT lsd pro manual lsdpro_manual02.pdf


There are two types of axles – tripod (regular s-body axles) and Rzeppa style (z32, skylines, q45 etc). Rzeppa ones are stronger due to bigger contact patch inside the cv joint.

S13, S14, S15, J30, Z32 NA, Z33, R32, R33 GTST – smaller shaft splines (29 spline, 30mm)
Q45, Z32 TT, R33 GTR, R34 GTR, Z34 – bigger shaft splines (32 spline, 32.5mm OD)

S13, S14, S15, J30 (94+) – tripod cv joints
J30 (pre 94), Q45, Z32, Z33, R32 GTR, R33 GTR – Rzeppa style cv joints

R33 GTR non V-spec shafts are threaded with clearance holes on the diff output shafts, V-spec axles are not threaded and diff output shafts are threaded.

Differential bearings

R200 side bearings x2 38440N3110 (38440N3111), NSK R4511ASAU42, NSK R45-11G, Koyo HC 30209J, Koyo HI-CAP 57160-N, Koyo HC57160LFT (45x85x20.75 mm)

R200 pinion front bearing 38120V7000, 38140V7000 (3812013200, 3812013201, 3812013202, 3812013210), NSK 32306AN (30x72x28.75 mm) (ISO 355 5FD 23º)

There are two types of R200 rear pinion bearings:
Small one – 3812006P00, 3812006P10, 3812061000 – Koyo TR0708-1-N/TR0708-1-R, NSK 32307CN (used in S13 CA18, Z31, S14 NA) (34.97x80x32.75 mm)
Big one – 3812010V00, NSK R35-24 NU42, Koyo TR070904-1-9 (used in S14 96++, Z32 NA, R33 GTR) (34.97x89x38.33 mm)

R200 Long-nose pinion bearings (240z 260z 280z S30/Z31/S12):
Front pinion support deep groove bearing – 38335-N3220 (38335-21100, 38335-21102, 38335-N3200) – Koyo 83601 ASH (28x73x16 mm)
Front tapered – 38120-13201,38140-13201- Koyo 32305JR (25x62x25.25 mm)
Rear tapered is the same as the small bearing case R200 (35x80x32.75 mm)

R200 Oil seals and gaskets

Pinion oil seal 38189-Y0810, 38189-Y081A – 40x75x12
Alternate part # NOK BH3063E, Corteco 19034067B (without lip, used with front ABS sensor), Corteco 19016674B (with additional seal lip, use without front ABS sensor), SKF 15882

Side stub seal 38342-P9010, 38342-P9000, 38342-N3100 – 35x55x11 with lip
Alternate part # NOK AH2083E, SKF 550231, MUSASHI N2156 (with lip 35x55x11x18), CORTECO 01034063B (with lip 35x55x10x14 ACM), CORTECO 19026774B (with lip 35x55x9x15.5 ACM), CORTECO 19026747B (without lip 35x55x11 NBR)

R200 long nose pinion seal part OEM number 38189-N3100, stub seal 38342-N3100

R200 rear cover gasket – 38320-40F02

Oil temp senders M14x1.5
Oil cooler outlet hole 12mm, no thread
Oil cooler return fitting on the top of the case M12x1.25

Tightening torque, preload and backlash

Diff oil fill and drain plugs – 36-59Nm (4-6kgm) with sealant, 59-98Nm without sealant
Transmission oil fill and drain plugs – 25-34Nm

Stub bearing caps – 88-98Nm (9-10kgm)
Drive pinion nut – 186-294Nm (19-30kgm)
Crown ring gear bolts – 132-152Nm (13.5-15.5kgm) with thread locking compound
Rear cover – 39-49Nm (4-5kgm)

Ring gear to drive pinion backlash – normal pitch 0.13-0.18, fine pitch 0.10-0.15mm
Drive pinion preload – 1.4-3.1Nm

Crown gear bolts

Crowns uses two types of bolts – 12mm (12×1.25 thread pitch) and 13mm (13×1.25 thread pitch).
12mm thread, 12mm shank – 38102-12S00
S13, S14 up to 12/96, J30 up to 12/96

13mm thread, 13mm shank – 38102-10V00
S14 from 12/96, Z32, Z33, Q45, J30 from 12/96

12mm thread, 13mm shank – 38102-RS500
S15 with helical LSD

Most aftermarket LSD units uses 13mm shank bolts to fit all types of crown rings. So you should check which bolts you should use with your LSD/crown wheel combo.

Gearbox ratios

1- 3.592
2- 2.057
3- 1.361
4- 1.000
5- 0.821

1- 3.321
2- 1.902
3- 1.308
4- 1.000
5- 0.838

S13 SR20DET (also same on all KA24 engines)
1- 3.321
2- 1.902
3- 1.308
4- 1.000
5- 0.759

1- 3.321
2- 1.902
3- 1.308
4- 1.000
5- 0.838

S15 SR20DET 6speed
1- 3.626
2- 2.200
3- 1.541
4- 1.213
5- 1.000
6- 0.767

Driveshaft info

S13 front part:
AT – 432mm
MT – 395mm

S13 rear part:
ABS – 590mm
NON-ABS – 605mm

S14 front part:
AT – 441mm
MT – 421mm

S14 rear part:
ABS – 636mm
NON-ABS – 650mm

156 thoughts on “Nissan R200 diff ratios + drivetrain info

  1. Hi, could you supply information on the dimensions of the r200 pinion and ring gears.
    Or the compatibility of the r200 and c200 gears

    • Hi,

      R200 and C200 both are 200mm in diameter and are interchangable in R200/C200 case. Please note that there are long-nose and short-nose diffs available so you have to find a matching pair to swap over. Internal differential unit is the same as well, the only difference is the locking type (open/vlsd/clutch type) and output shafts length and snap/lock ring.

  2. could you please tell me the spline count and diameter of s14 stub axles out of viscous lsd . are they 30 spline and 31mm dia. thanks Russel

  3. Hi
    Do you know if abs diffs ring and pinion from s14 fits to non abs cassing r33 Rb25det i looking for 3.69 ratio

  4. Hi there!Does anybody know which diff with 4.36 final ratio will be easier to fit on my EDM S14 Silvia? What do i need for this swap actually?

    • European SR20 Serena’s had 4.36 diffs with vlsd in them so it’s bolt on using your S14 rear diff cover.

  5. The R33 Vspec and R34 Vspec use the R200 differential with hydraulic lockup via the ATTESA pump. The only car that I know of that uses the R230 is the Z32TT.

  6. Are the Diff gears interchangeable from a R33 GTR 4.11 and Z33 3.357
    I know both are R200’s

    • No, Z33 has a complete different casing and crown gear height so it is not interchangeable. It’s only called R200 because of crown wheel diameter still being 200mm.

  7. Will the gear set from a (2004-2007 R51 Pathfinder 2WD – R200 – 3.133) fit into the Q45 R200 housing?
    If not what housing will they fit into?

    Will the axles from the Q45/Z32TT work with these gears as well?

    • You can use OEM F5800 or F5880 ring and pinion from Nissan Caravan E25 C200 axle, or you can find aftermarket 4×4 units that offroad guys fit to R200A front diffs.

  8. Hai,i have r180 at front diff and c200 at rear diff,my question,is that possible or can i change front diff to R200? Btw my ratio 4.6 right now.tq

    • You can fit FWD R200 diff with the same ratio as a R180 one, make sure you have the correct gearing and casing!

  9. Question, I have a R200V Q45 FY33 – 3.692, will a S15 Silvia SPEC R Helical LSD differential work in the Q45 case and would I be able to use the Q45 gears and 6x1output shafts / stubs?

    • S15 LSD will fit in Q45 case but you will have to use S15 stub shafts because of different length, or modify Q45 ones to fit the lsd unit.

    • Hi there, thanks for your wonderful work and open resource.

      I have a r200v vlsd (s14) which i lowered ratio to 3.113

      However its not low enough for my application. I see some infiniti r190 diffs have 2.9xx ratio which would be perfect. Would this gears fit in my diff? Any suggestions to solve this challenge?

      Peace, j

  10. Will the GEAR set from a (2004-2007 R51 Pathfinder 2WD – R200 – 3.133) fit into the R33 v-spec differential?I wood like to take down my ratio from 4,111.

    • R51 rear diff has different pinion height and crown offset so it fits large case R200 case like 350z. You should find some regular case diff for example Gloria Y32 VG30 AT 3.133

      • For me, it may be easier to grind my drives to 3,133 to find a differential from a Y32;(
        Are there any other options?
        I have searched a bit to find that the differential from 350z AT has another pinjong ET an MT (meaning to mount the contents from r51 in 350z AT?). and changing hubs from 350z to r33 GTR v-spec seem to work because they share measurements of splines.
        and if they do not work then I have to mount 350z differential on my subframe and do fine on 3.357

  11. OK.since I having a r51 lying around i will give it a try.The first problem is that a ball bearing the pinion is thicker (35 vs 45mm) – no problem for me to fix.Hopefully i will get back the parts soon, after it comes I see if I have to process the crown, hopefully i can shims the content aside. I will keep you informed.

  12. Want to put a 3.3 ratio in my r32 gtr diff (red application), what do I need? (500kw 2jz with v161 6 speed )

    • your best option is to use 38100-08M60 47/14 3.357 JHG50 President VH45D R200 diff if you want to keep your current R200 case.

  13. First…THANK YOU! I have a R200V Q45 FY33 – 3.692. I want to keep my 6×1 side flange pattern for custom CV shafts. What are my options for 1.5 mechanical LSD?

    • It is a regular R200 unit with 30 spline output shafts so there are many products from companies like CUSCO, KAAZ, OS GIKEN etc.

  14. They don’t have them as I have checked over and over. Only 29 or 31 but not 30 for an R200 unless you have info I don’t. I checked with Quaife sales and they don’t eiither. Got a part Cusco part number?

  15. Hi, Where should I pull a 4.08 and 4.36 final drive that\\’ll fit to R200 z34 MT pumpkin ? Thank you!

  16. hi,

    i have a nissan s15 adm manual turbo, i have put in a Nismo GT LSD Pro 1.5&2 Way RSS15D5 (

    its still the standard 3.69, is it possible to put in something higher like a 4.11 or something near as i have a rb25 5 speed and its quite laggy.

    i dont want to loose my nismo gt pro and nismo half shafts. what crown and pinion can i put in that will match? just dont want to lose the nismo internal.

    thanks in advance.

    • Yes, it is possible. S15 is a regular R200 diff case so all S13/S14/R32/R33 diff ratios fits yours. Just swap the required ring and pinion to your case and keep nismo gt pro lsd unit with shafts.
      Make sure you hand this job to a skilled mechanic, because correct shimming of the diff is really important and will fuck up all internals if done wrong. There’s lots of incomplete guides online!

      • Honestly you guys need medal for all the replies after so many years.

        Decided to go the 3.9 cw and p from the s15 auto. Nice in between from the 3.6 and say a 4.11.

        And maths captcha , jeebus almost hade stumped.

  17. hi,i have a nissan s15 adm manual turbo, i have put in a Nismo GT LSD Pro 1.5&2 Way RSS15D5 ( still the standard 3.69, is it possible to put in something higher like a 4.11 or something near as i have a rb25 5 speed and its quite laggy. i dont want to loose my nismo gt pro and nismo half shafts. what crown and pinion can i put in that will match? just dont want to lose the nismo internal.thanks in advance.

  18. Hi,Thanks for really extensive and usefull information of r200. I need as low as possible ratio to my r32 with BMW M3 gearbox. Any idea where to find y32 gloria diff gears? Or any other 3.xx ratio which fit to r32 r200. I am currently fitting the M3 rear diff, but would prefer the r200.Regards Mika

  19. Hi, thanks for the really informative page!I would like to use original r32 rear diff and find a lowest possible ratio to it. What are my options to get it to high 2.xx or low 3.xx. I noticed that Y32 would have 3.133, but is there any place where to find those?regards Mika

    • that’s exactly what I’m after, but that vehicle was never available in Australia?
      And 4wd guys only want 5+ gears so I don’t think it will be an option.

      What country is the Y32 popular in? ebay from overseas best option?

      • Cedrics were mainly sold in Japan so yahoo auctions and japan car and parts exporters would be the best place to start looking for Y32 parts

  20. Richard I am looking to go lower on my 2003 z33 350z m/t rear diff. Where would be the best place to look for gears. Is there any that interchange with this rear end. I am new to this but want more performance, not necessarily top end.

    • you can fit 3.133 ring and pinion from R51 Pathfinder, this one is late style R200 used in 350z cases

  21. Hello! Thank youuu so much for this page, it is greatly appreciated. I have a hc33 91\’ laurel rb20det with rear hicas delete. I am looking to replace the rear axles but am not certain if i can straight swap the s13 axles to what I already have. My last resort would be swapping everything from my current s13, but would like to know for future before doing the swap. Any and all information is appreciated. Thank you!

    • check what axles do you currently have on your laurel, they should be 5×1 or 3×2 bolt pattern. If bolt pattern matches your S13 ones then you should be good to swap them over.

  22. Hi,And thanks for the info supplied.Do you know if Fx35 3.69 differential will fit z33? Are there any plug&play solutions for getting 3.9 or close on z33?Thanks,Justin3

    • Z33, G35, FX35 and FX45 all uses same size ring and pinion so you should be able to interchange some parts from one to another. not sure about the whole diff swap compatibility.

  23. I’ve just installed 3.692 ring gear and pinion into a 4.111 R200 housing, and have realized that the left stub wont go all the way into the housing, and the right stub won’t engage on the locking ring. It looks like this is because for the crown wheel assembly to be reinstalled, the large shim has had to be installed on the opposite side, meaning the assembly inside the diff is now at a different offset to previous. The ring gear is engaging the pinion well and mechanically the diff feels right.

    Does this sound right? Are there different length stubs to the 3.693 (13-48) set up? I need 5 x 1 axle stubs, but it looks like this may not be an option with this ratio ring gear and pinion set…

    • there are lot’s of different 5×1 stubs available OE from nissan and i’ve seen cusco catalog with detailed explanation with sizes and part numbers so you could choose the matching parts from that.
      or you just could machine the stubs to match the current lsd unit circlip offset.

    • Did you find a solution to this Chris? I’ve just come across the same issue while test fitting a 3.9 ring and pinion into what was a 4.08 diff. Interested to know how you fixed the issue. Thanks.

  24. Tons of great info and I really appreciate it! I do have a question though.I have a J30 vlsd diff that im putting a Kaaz 2 way in soon from an S14. My question is, when I reassemble the unit, does it still need the stub retaining clips installed? If so, do you have any literature on how to install those correctly without breaking one? Thanks!

    • retaining clips are not essential if you have your stubs and halfshafts set up correctly, but they help to keep things in place so i would recommend use them. they are just a spring steel c clip and no special installation procedure required, just don’t stretch them too much to deform them

  25. Great Info, Still don\’t know what combo to use. I have a high torque V8 turbo in S14. I am thinking a R32 GTR non Vspec but need low ratio. Would a 370Z 3.3 crown wheel and pinion bolt in? and or 370Z has GTR shaft output size (Hub/wheel side) would 370Z diff and shafts be as or as close to being strong (GKtech adaptors required)? Thanks John.

  26. I think I may be missing it, can you tell me what vehicle available in the US has a 4.636 that can be used in a S14 (i.e. not reverse cut)? I thought there was a pathfinder or xterra option that worked?

  27. hello I have a 98 240 with s13 5 speed and s15 helical diff. currently ay 525 whp and want taller gears could you please tell me what my options are for using a different ring and pinion gear to acheive this thank you

  28. I have a 2011 G37 Sedan with A/T 3.36 gear ratio and its RWD… Is there a diff with 4.36 gears or something very close that will swap in or are there other modifications that can be made to accommodate a diff with that ratio?

  29. Thanks for the info. So if I buy are R51 open 3.13, I can take the R&P and swap them into a Z33 VLSD case and keep the VLSD correct?

    • q45 is a r200 diff so all external measurements are the same as any other r200 diff. Don’t know the widths right now, but i can measure both of them in few days.

  30. Sorry 1 more question. Do you know if the output shafts of a Q45 diff will work in the 350z diff?

  31. Thanks I\\’m looking for the width flange to flange. I currently have 350z q45 diff with 350z axles wondering if the 350 diff with abs is the same or wider.

    • 350z diff width is 32.5cm, I think they will be the same width, but please measure and send me the info so i can update the page. thanks.

  32. Recently a really good deal came up for a 4.1 final drive out of an S14 R200. Will these gears work in a a 3.5 350z R200?

    • no it will not. take a look at the 350z diff ratio section, it lists all part numbers that fit your 350z diff case

  33. Hi I have a r200 out of a uk serena 4.3 im looking for 4.6 or 5.1 or anything close is there anything available in the uk I can look for is there any front diffs that might have these ratios

  34. Hi, firstly thank you for your very detailed information. I have a UK S14 with 3.6 VLSD and ABS. Can I fit the 4.0 gearing from a Stagea into my diff and still retain my LSD and ABS? Thanks

    • There’s no 4.0 ratio in Stagea, probably it will be 4.08 or 4.111. Either way, yes – C34 ratio fits into your case and you can keep your VLSD unit, input/output shafts and stock ABS.

  35. Yes sorry I it\’s 4.08 that I\’m looking at. Thanks very much for super fast response, your an absolute super star

  36. Hello… I\\\\’ve taken a few measurements having a few diff and output shafts in the house.. i measured that the 29 spline 3×2 output shafts are diameter 29.80mm and the 30 spline 3×2 output shafts are diameter 30.80mm even looking at the cusco chart and pictures, something is wrong.. i have gotten the 29 spline shafts from the s13 and s14 zenki. while the 30 spline shaft from a S15.. does anybody have the chance to compare?

  37. Thank you for provided information. I have r34 sedan with rb20de in it. I want to swap in locked diff. Can you please tell me wich modern nissan diffs will fit, because I am not able to find old ones.

  38. Hi I have a S13 case I think with rubber mounts level with the pinion and 6 bolt shafts,
    I also have another diff without the rubber mounts (small holes level with the pinion)
    I have stripped both to fit the 4.1 ratio from the small hole one, it had a smaller bearing on the pinion so I swapped that but it still has slight play when fitted like it is a couple of mm longer pinion?
    If this can be sorted will the rest fit and mesh ok? they are both VLSD if that helps sorry I bought them from a car boot with minimum info.

  39. Hi, Has anyone fitted a 370z diff and shafts to an S14? I\’m told from a diff mount adaptor supplier that with gtr wheel/bearing hub assemblies it should fit with a slight pinion flange modification. Cheers.

    • 370z shafts are longer than the standard s14 ones so you will have to increase your tract width a lot. other than that diff bolts to s14 subframe with gktech adapters but sits at an ugly angle.

  40. 370Z rear track 1595mm wheel offset 47mm = 1501mm (1595-(47*2)s14 rear track 1470mm wheel offset 40mm = 1390mm (1470-(40*2))1501mm vs 1390mm with the same wheels if I have my theory right. But I guess when it comes to fitment it also depends on thickness of knuckles/uprights where shafts go through. Im getting a wrecker to pull one out of a car so I can measure it all up. Not sure if I missed it here but its basically the diff flange to flange and shaft compressed lengths I am after.How does the angle change? Up or down? and do you have any reference to it?

  41. Hey, great article. Thank you for all of the info.I have a 350z with a diff From a/t 3.35 vlsd. Do you have an idea how to go 3.9 or 4.08?Thank you again

  42. Hi,
    thanks for your help !

    But i would know :
    actually, i got a non ABS diff on my S14 with a ratio 4.36. I want to go with a 4.11 but the pinion/crown i have is for a ABS . Can i put them in my non ABS diff without changin the shaft ? Perhaps with changing the shaft’s flange or non need to ?

    • the crown and pinion is the same for all abs/non abs diffs. Only the casing and input flange is different.

  43. Excellent write up of ratios and combinations!Can one mix and match pinions and crown wheels? Eg. could I create a 37/12 diff if I got the 37 ring and 12 pinion?Or is there an easier way to around 3:1 in Skyline 4wd setup?

    • no. ring and pinion must have the required teeth number because hypoid gears only works in that way. they also must be from the same exact set and cannot be used with other gears.

  44. I have an R51 Pathfinder with an R200 rear diff and R180 front diff. I am looking to install a Quaife or Wavetrac type LSD into BOTH the front and rear. Can anyone here help with some direction?

  45. I’m looking for options on getting in the 2.xx range with my 2013 Infiniti G37 sport. It has the 3.357 VLSD differential with 7at. Car is for drag racing so less shifts and taller first gear is ideal here.


  46. Hi, I have Infiniti g37 2012 RWD 7ATAnd my end goal is to have 3.692 gear ratio. Can I have a direct pumpkin swap and if so from what year and model & can I replace internal parts to get the same result and if so what parts?

  47. On a 350z dif – does it matter on what ring/pinon you choose if the case is originally a MT vs. Auto? I have a Quaife and there is a clear difference between the MT/AT case. I\’m Attempting to install a 2.76, 2.9 or 3.1 gear in my manual trans 350z dif (basically because I dont want to re purchase another quaife…)One tip – add the R200 from a Q45, M45 cars. The Q45 has a 2.76 and 3.133 ratio stock. Also, the stub axles are interchangeable (I\’m running m45 stub axles in my 350z dif) because I didnt want to swap out my axles….

  48. Search for the Quaife QDF11L – that will swap into your rear dif – there is a guy on a frontier forum that did it. You\\’re out of luck for the front though….being that its only engaged when you absolutely need it – I\\’d say go with an ATB air locker (but swap out the whole thing for the titan front dif….its way stronger).

  49. So much good info here! Incredible work. Im currently looking at purchasing an R200 second hand, with what apparently has a Nismo 2 way center, and nismo 6×1 stub axles. Is there any way that i can use my current s15 R200 3×2 stub axles so that i dont need to run different axles and hubs? Thanks!

    • hi, thanks. i’m not sure if nismo has 6×1 stubs. most likely that it’s R33 R200 with nismo lsd and stock 6×1 stubs.

  50. Hi, so much fantastic and helpful information.

    I currently have an R32 GTR Mechanical 2 way R200 in my S13 Silvia.

    The 4.11:1 ratio is a bit too short for the 6 speed Z33 box I’m using and was wondering if it’s possible to use a 3.69:1 or 3.5:1 ring & pinion gearset from another R200 variant on the GTR carrier or if the carrier offset makes this not possible.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated!

  51. Hello, I have the pre 96 Q45 6×1 3.54 diff in my LS powered S14 currently. I have excessive play in my pass side stub. Looking to have someone rebuild it in the offseason and wanted to know what my options are for a 2way. Thanks in advance

    • I suggest talking to Weir performance if you are in the states. They are very skilled in R200 diff builds and can help you with rebuilding your differential.

  52. Hi!

    This page is amazing and exactly what I was hoping for, however I somehow cannot apprehend what I need to use to make the following to work:
    Application R32 GT-R with 4.111 ratio front and back (R200).
    I would like to change to the 3.133 diff ratio by only using rack and pinion as I already have the nismo LSD installed.
    As far as I’ve understood, what i need is a rack and pinion from Y32 Cedric/Gloria with the P/N 38100-17M60. Is this correct?
    Will this fit the front diff as well or do i need to exchange the front diff differential completely?
    Hope someone can help with this!

    • Hi,
      It’s nice to hear that this helps you. Few comments on the question – it’s not rack and pinion, it’s ring and pinion (crown ring and pinion). Well I suppose you can call it that way, but they are totally different cut gears by design, ring an pinion are hypoid gears because pinion axis has offset to the crown center.
      You can use 3.133 ring and pinion out of Gloria for the rear differential, because it will fit your rear diff. But the front diff is NOT R200 and this list does not cover the parts you need to retrofit 3.113 ratio gears into the front unit. I didn’t have a motivation to have a complete list covering R180/R200 and R230 differentials because the demand is so so little.

    • I just took a brief look at the catalog and got these part numbers that fit R32 GTR front differential. All RB 4WD and VG 4WD shares the same front differential style so are interchangeable. Didn’t find anything lower than 3.9 YET.
      3810002V00 – Y32 39/10=3.900
      3810003F60 – WC34 RB25DET AT/MT 49/12=4.083
      3810003V00 – R33 GTR, WC34 RB26DETT MT 37/9=4.111
      3810004F60 – R33 GTS4, WC34 RB25DE AT 48/11=4.363
      3810004V00 – R32/A31 RB20DET 35/8=4.375

  53. Hi. I have a 300zx TT with the R230 and I can not find the aftermarket part numbers for the pinion bearings anywhere. Could you be of any assistance?

    • I highly recommend to use OEM bearings. Part numbers for the OEM are: Rear 3812040P00, 381207S000. Front 3814040P00.

  54. So after much reading, it looks like this is the place to get an answer to my question.
    From forum research the answer is NO. But that answer came from a Vendor with vested interest in selling new parts…

    I have a 2006 G35(true full bolt ons and then some) with manual transmission and factory VLSD. I want to change my gear ratio to the 4.08 gears as I am keeping the motor N/A.

    I can get used 4.08 gear set from a 240sx(r200 diff) at a good price but am unclear if the pinion is the correct diameter/length/spline count. Any info as to the gear swap?


    • G35 uses the late model diff that is different to “old style” R200 that were used in 240sx and related chassis. So ring and pinion from 240sx will not work with G35 diff.
      Good news is that there are 4.08 ring and pinion available for the late 350z style diff out of Navara D40 QR25, Frontier D40 QR25.

      • Thank you for that fast reply and the knowledge! I will search for a used diff from one of those vehicles. Do you happen to know what year range I should search?

  55. Hi there!
    This blog is FULL of great information, and I need some help with a swap I’d like to do. Currently I have a Z32 – VG30DE – R200V – 4.083 (5×1 output shafts) rear end in my S2000 and I desperately need to reduce the final drive to a 3.5ish or similar or even lower. I have searched far and wide and It seems like the G50 Q45 diff is basically plug and play except that it will become a 6 stub for the axle, which is okay for me too. Im wondering if there are any ring and pinions that swap directly into the Z32 – VG30DE – R200V – 4.083 (5×1 output shafts) rear end to get my desired results?

    • Z32 NA is a big bearing case and it’s hard to find a ratio for it. Q45 is a a newer type that will not fit either.
      In your case it would be easier to source a whole 3.538 diff from R32 RB25DE AT, R33 RB25DE AT, C33 RB20E AT. You could use your current vlsd unit with 5×1 output shafts in the new case.

  56. Hello – could you help me identify this diff?

    I suspect it is a Nismo, but i am not entirely sure. It is a 2-way. The output splines in it are 29 count, 30mm diameter.

    I ask because I am not really finding this specific diff on Nismo’s material, unless its outdated and they now only have the GT for sale.

    Why i suspect it is a Nismo is because of the machined faces on the casting, I have only found some pictures which match it, and they were nismo.


  57. I have a pre 96 S14.
    Does my car have a OEM lsd?
    Are there any ratios around 2.9 that will fit directly into my rear diff?
    Any help much appreciated.

    • closest ratio would be 3.133 Y32 from Gloria that fits the pre 96 small bearing case. not sure about the lsd, easy to check tho

  58. Hi
    I’m looking for a shorter final drive for my Z32 NA track car. Will a used S13 S14 R32 51/11 combo fit?
    Thanks for help – and this is a great resource!

    • Z32 NA uses a big bearing case, so better find a small bearing 51/11 case with that ratio and fit your LSD into it.

  59. can i use z33 diff on a z32 na subframe and keep abs?
    can i swap over sensors? they share R200V but diff ratios

  60. Hello I just found this, so much great info!

    I’m having an issue with my LSD swap into my s13. The passenger side output shaft is the correct depth, but the drivers is about a 1/4” too long. Upon further research, I found I need VLSD output shafts. I found sound and the seller measured them for me, but I found one side would work (the shorter) and the other was way too long again. It looks like the shafts for the LSD264 which have a shaft length of about 93 mm and are 3×2 bolt pattern would be perfect.

    Is there any chance anyone would know the OEM part number so I can source some? Or even something that crosses over? I’m at a loss here!


    • Nismo LSD installation guide pdf has the output shaft part number table for their products and I think you can track it back to what’s needed for your lsd.

  61. This is awesome information, thanks!

    I have an R200S, supposedly from a 96 Skyline. It has 5 bolt stub axle flanges. I was told it had 3.54 gears and a VLSD but I’ve opened it and it has 3.133 gears.

    So, now I’m not sure what I have. Are there markings on the housing that would identify it?

  62. Hey I currently have a s14 with a GTR rear end (diff, axles) I’m looking to swap out the diff for a z33 for the taller gearing. I’m curious if the z33 diff will bolt up to my Gtr axles as they are both 6×1 out put shafts.

    Great info on here!

    • It will bolt up, but 350z diff is wider and your axles will be too long. You will have to space out the bearing out or modify diff stubs, or custom axle shafts. 350z diff in s14 subframe will sit at an weird angle or some welding will be required.

      • Hey if I went with adjustable lower control arms I should be able to space my axles out appropriately to fit the z33 diff with gtr axles? I believe the gtr axles are shorter then the 350z axles by almost an inch overall so it would be less of an adjustment then doing the 350z axles

  63. Great information here.
    I have a diff out of a R32 skyline which is 4.3 ratio. It has the larger bearing on the pinion. I want to change the ratio to 3.9 and I have some gears from a Auto 180sx but this used the smaller pinion bearing. (Both R200 Diffs) Can the 3.9 gears be used in the 4.3 housing if I swap to the relevant bearing size?
    The diff centre spacer was on the opposite side between the to diffs so I’m not sure if the centre in the 4.3 will need to be moved over?
    This could cause issues with the stub axle lengths.

    • I would not recommend to put small bearing pinion into big bearing R200 housing – pinion height adjustment will be way off. maybe you could do it with all custom height shims.
      Best would be to use the housing that the pinion originally was assembled, and just swap the internals over.

      • Thanks for that. I did try it over the weekend and found exactly that. I also tried putting the Skyline LSD centre into the 180sx diff housing and found that this also does not work. The housings seem to be slightly different and each internal does not seem to be interchangeable with the other.
        Have you found the same? On paper I thought the swap would work and would be fairly simple but I have been proven wrong.

        • wondering what didn’t work, because the LSD unit should swap right over. Crown bolt shank diameter might be an issue, and maybe the stub offset a little bit, nothing else.

          • It was a little hard to see but I think the lsd centre was hitting on the left side of the housing down the side/towards the front. There was no way I could get it to go in properly and have the crown and pinion mesh together. The side preload shims would have had to have been changed to alot smaller shims to get the preload right as well as it was way to tight even when I tried to dummy fit it with no pinion installed.
            When I swapped everything back to original housings it all goes together very easy. Something isn’t right and they just don’t seem compatible.

            On another note. Are 6 bolt (2×3) and 5 bolt half shafts interchangeable as long as they are the same spline count and diameter? I was always told they aren’t but I can slot ether into my lsd centre.

          • thats weird, didn’t have lsd that didn’t fit into the housing. skyline lsd is a viscous and that should be the same size as the 180sx one unless you’re running r180 by any chance?

            if the shafts measure the same size and spline count they fit, doesn’t matter if 5 bolt or 6 bolt. they are different length though, snap ring position etc.

  64. Awesome info here mate.
    Want to go 4.9 or 4.6 in my S15 diff.
    Assume 38100-15M60 51/11 4.636 C23 SR20DE 4WD MT or 38100-06M60 49/10 4.900 C23 SR20 AT 4WD will fit?
    Also just to double check are these the correct part numbers for S15 diff?
    Side bearings x2 – 38440N3110
    Pinion Bearing – 38120V7000
    Rear Pinion Bearing – 3812010V00
    Pinion oil seal 38189 -Y081A
    R200 rear cover gasket – 38320-40F02
    But what side stub seal will work with S15 diff?


    • Hi Kes, I’ve been following you for quite some time now, nice to have you here!
      S15 is a big bearing case and these ratios are from small bearing case and do not fit, pinion height will be way off. I suggest sourcing a S13 diff or some other lower power pre 96 diff that uses smaller input shaft bearing (96+ S14a, S15, some skylines and z32 NA runs big bearing case).
      For a small case diff build you will need side bearings 38440N3110 x2, pinion bearings 38140V7000 and 3812006P10, pinion seal 38189Y081A, side stub seals are 38342P9010 x2, you can use RTV for a rear housing but 3832040F02 is the rear cover gasket part number.

  65. first of all great site – lots of info – I have a 1972 triumph tr6 with a 3800sc engine with a 700r4 trans and a r200 lsd rear gear from a 1995 300zx( i think z32) problem
    is it’s a 4.08 gear ratio- is there a gear set around 3.20 that will fit this case – have 5 bolt axle flanges – a complete rear diff with this gear ratio and size is good also (this is a street car not a track car) thanks Ken

    • Z32 NA is a big bearing r200 case so not a lot of ratios will fit this. you can get a s13 case and fit Gloria 3.133 or President 3.357 ring and pinion with your LSD unit and output shafts, building a direct replacement unit for your car.

  66. Great info
    Want to install quaife on my 2012 infiniti s51 fx35 awd (fd 3.692) but not sure qdf10l(for AT open diff) or qdf11l(for MT open diff) will fit.
    I have research the differential case (38421-0c50a) is the same as manual r200
    but still have no idea which part is correct.
    Is there suggestions ? Thanks

    • oh that’s a great question. Case is the same but it all depends on the axle stubs. I suggest finding part numbers for stubs and comparing to 350z or measuring them to compare with quaife catalog info.

  67. hi i really need your help i eed a spacer for my tailshaft in my 98 r34 gtt but i cant find for the flife of me the pcd for the diff flange

    1998 r34 gtt manual turbo coupe with abs please please hope you can reply and help

  68. SO MUCH INFO!! Amazing thread!! TY

    Ok question re – S15 to R33 GTS-T R200 Diff Swap running a RB26DET / R33 GTS-T 6 peed transmission – when installing the R200 I have a few items to clarify:
    1. Do I use the R33 drive shafts? And do these bolt directly into the S15 hubs?
    2. Can I use R33 Hubs? To be able to use GTR Brembos?
    3. What axel do I use to connect the R33 GTS-T 6 speed to the R33 Diff?

    Any help would be much appreciated. Been searching high and low for this info!!


  69. Fantastic compilation of information here, very nice work. I recently swapped a Z33 differential (3.357) into my Z32, and found that the input flange is different. Are the input flanges interchangeable from the Z32 R200 to the Z33 R200?

    • Input flanges are not interchangable betwneen Z32 and Z33 diffs. You will have to make an adapter spacer or make custom conversion driveshaft using Z33 diff flange.

  70. Is it possible the c35 laurel ABS r200 ring and pinion can work in a c33/s13 non abs r200 casing ?

    I know the c35 diff is longer and the c33 is shorter but the both are r200. I not sure if it can work still

    • Yes it will work. ABS/NON ABS diffs have different case and input flange, but ring and pinion is the same.

  71. I want to have a 4.08+ gear inside of my z33 dif.
    Will I be able to use the auto diff or does it have to be the manual one?

    Also can I use the internals from a R34 GTR for the 4.08? I can’t find info on which r200 internals fit for the z33/z33.


    • You have to find 38100-0C760 49/12 4.083 D40 QR25 to fit z33 diff.
      AT/MT depends on what you can find and what center you want to use.

      R34 GTR does not fit z33 case.

      please scroll up a little bit to find what fits the z33

  72. Hey I own a Z32 NA from 93 and want to upgrade or swap the ring and pinion for something of lower gear since it will be LS swapped and figured there might be a combo that’d work well with the factory case.

    • Z32 is a non-abs, big bearing case like S14A and some skylines, I think you can find something that works for you. Or find another non-abs case with your required ratio already in it.

  73. Hey,
    I have a 38420-RSS20D5 nismo gt-pro in a eu spec s13 diff housing.
    I got the diff without stub axles (which I’m now starting to regret)
    Is there any 6×1 flange axle known that would fit?
    30 spline
    Left side depth into the diff: 80mm
    Right side depth into the diff: 96mm

    I know there are companies that can reweld them. But if there is already an option available I would prefer that.
    Any help is gladly appreciated 🙂

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