Standalone ecu, sensors, gauges and controllers

Boost control solenoids

Manufacturers: Kip, Humphrey, Ingersol Rand, AC Delco, MAC, PIERBURG, Bürkert

Grimmspeed / COBB / Hondata / Turbosmart / AEM uses modified MAC 35 valve
GM uses AC Delco valve
Perrin uses Humphrey V310-12VDC valve

Most common MAC 35A-AAA-DDBA-1BA 3-Port solenoid
PIERBURG PA6-GF30, used as Secondary Air Injection Pump Solenoid Valve Porsche 996 TT/GT2 2001-2005
Pierburg 7.22240.13.0 12V resp.
Volvo Part Nr.: 30670448 (7.22240.11) –
Volvo 850, S/C/V70, S60, S80 and XC90 turbo
Volvo 30670449

Electric water pumps

Pierburg CWA 200 – Flow rate: 116l/min @ 0.45bar / 166l/min @ 0.30bar. Maximum current 16,5A (used by MINI Cooper 1.6T WRC)

Meziere Enterprieses 300 Series – Flow rate: 208l/min (55gpm), Maximum current 12A

Davies Craig EWP150 – Flow rate: 150l/min (39.6gpm) @13V DC, 100l/min@3Psi, Maximum current 10A @ 13V, Operating temp. -40° to 130°C, Pump weight 1,2kg

-16AN or -20AN (22-28mm ID) lines recommended for rear mounted water pump setups

Brush motor speed controller (used for fuel pumps, cooling fans, water pumps etc)

FoMoCo 7H42-9D372-AA module used in Ford, Land Rover sport
Yazaki 7283-5553-10 connector
22-20awg: 7116-4102-02 (08 for gold plated)
18-16awg: 7116-4103-02 (08 for gold plated)

Hall effect sensors

Cherry GS1005-GS1007
Old design, cheap and widely available sensor. 10mm tooth gap required.

Honeywell GT101
10mm tooth gap required. Gives non constant signal when used on smaller gap teeth trigger wheel like ABS ring.

Honeywell SNDH-T Series Quadrature General Industrial Speed and Direction Sensors
This one takes a pretty strong current (500-800 ohm pullup to 5v or 8v) to get a nice square wave output but it works well for small teeth at speed unlike the more popular older units.

Oil/Fuel Pressure senders

GM pressure sensing unit – GM 12677837 – oil/fuel press

Bosch pressure/temperature sensor – Bosch 0261230340
Great sensor to monitor oil and fuel temps/pressures.
0-10bar pressure range
M10x1 thread pitch
-40 – 140°C
Connector – Bosch 1928405159

Ignition coils

Required coil spark energy 10–60 mJ for regular engines, up to 140 mJ for direct injection engines.

Bosch P65

Bosch 0221 504 024, used on FIAT turbo engines, uses built in igniters

Beru ZSE 032, Beru ZSE 051
Used on VAG TFSI engines. Reliable and cheap coils, provide strong spark at high boost applications

06C905115E – used on R8 models
Stock: 3.3 M ohms
5 cylinder coils: 4.75 M ohms
R8’s: 5.31 M ohms
Okadas: 6.2 M ohms

NGK U5015 – Gallardo

Denso 673-9302

Modern DENSO pencil type coilpacks used on 1NZ/2NZ, 1ZZ/2ZZ engines, uses built in igniter
YARIS 1999-2005 1NZ 1.5 VVTI, part# 90919-02240
They provide over 30mJ of spark energy at 2-3ms dwell loading times, fires at 5v square wave falling edge.
Wiring pinout – GND, IGT (Trigger signal), IGF (Ignition feedback confirmation), POWER (+12V)
Terminals Sumitomo TS 2.3 type 90
Dwell settings found at Motec forum
8V 6.3 ms
9V 5.3 ms
10V 4.4 ms
11V 3.8 ms
12V 3.2 ms
13V 2.7 ms
14V 2.4 ms
15V 2.2 ms

Fitting 1NZ coils on SR20DET –

Hitachi IGC0079, 22448-JF00B – used in R35 GTR
Recommended dwell time up to 4.5ms@13.6V

High Current automotive relays & Battery master cut-off switch

Tyco Electronics

Tyco Electronics high current automotive relay can be used as a race car battery master cut-off switch (battery isolator) due to high average amperage rating (~130A) and high peak amperage ratings (~300A)
Model V23132, 150 Amps. Usually found in newer BMW F series as a “battery power control relay”.
Part # – V23132 model number, A2 – normally open, 001 – 12VDC
Spec sheet (PDF)

Tyco Electronics 1-1414939-4 battery disconnect switch also can be used as a master cut-off switch for motorsport applications. High amperage rating and bistable (2 coil system) allows you to control the master relay with on/off buttons.

Part number 1-1414939-4
260A current rating at 85°C
190A continuous current
Spec sheet (PDF)
These also can be found in Ford Transit models, FoMoCo 1701106 part number

Cartek Battery Isolator

Circuit breakers

General standard aviation “push to set” circuit breakers are available in many amperages and are widely used in motorsport application.

Tyco W23 –

ETA 483 –

Klixon 2TC14 –

Combustion analysis

There are two general directions for direct cylinder combustion pressure measurement – drilling hole directly to the combustion chamber and use an outside sensor or using a custom spark plug combined with piezoelectric sensor.


AVL DITEST Scope 8400



Xtreme-DI Combustion Analyzer
XDI Combustion Analyzers



Honeywell 1TL1-2 – regular tumbler switch
Honeywell 1NT1-3F – locking, pull to switch tumbler switch
Honeywell 2TL1-3D
Honeywell MS24659-22D
Honeywell MS24523-22

APEM 12000X778
APEM 639H/2

OTTO controls


Sargent Economy red crimpers

Battery master jump start connectors

Anderson SB350 – data sheet

Bulkhead battery connectors

Amphenol Radlok 120A – data sheet
RL9080-303-F1 – bulkhead fitting 8mm
RL00801-35BK – female plug black
RL00801-35RE – female plug red

Greddy warning meters

Light bulbs for 60mm warning gauges uses Toshiba TSD V2 T4.2 (12v 1,2w) blue base – analog T-1 1/2 surface mount light bulb. Do not use cheap LED bulbs because they have bad light dispersion.

Connectors are made by JAE (Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Ltd)

Greddy gauge 2pin backlight connector JST PH 2mm
B2B-PH-K-S – header, PHR-2 – housing, SPH-002T-P0.5L – terminal

Greddy oil sandwich plate o-rings
Inner o-ring – ID 56, OD 62, thickness 3mm
Outer o-ring – ID 65, OD 71, thickness 3mm

HKS 60mm power connector – molex 51021-0200

Greddy and Defi sensor connectors
Tyco Electronics TE connectivity AMP Econoseal J – 070 Mark II

2pin male – 174354-2
2pin female – 174352-2
3pin male – 174359-2