SR20VE tech info

SR20VE tech info

Intake cam:
Primary Lube 5.35mm lift
Secondary Lube 6.64mm lift

Primary Valve Lift 8.52mm Lift
Secondary Valve Lift 10.78mm Lift

Base circle clearence 0.2mm

Primary Intake Rocker Ratio = 1.62
Secondary Intake Rocker Ratio = 1.65

Exhaust Cam:

Pri Lube 4.51mm
Sec Lube 6.68mm

Pri Valve Lift 6.69mm
Sec Valve Lift 10.36mm

Base Circle Clearence = 0.3mm

Pri Rocker ratio = 1.549
Sec Rocker Ratio = 1.595

SR20DET cam rocker ratio
standard cam is 32 by 38 mm, so 6mm Cam lift and has 9.2mm valve lift.(All from nissan service manual)
giving a rocker arm ratio of 1.53

(advertised lift at valve) = (lift at cam lobe) x (rocker arm ratio)