Nissan brakes info

Nissan brake and caliper specs

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Nissan brake master cylinder sizes:
BM33 = 13/16 (S13 non euro)
BM38 = 7/8
BM44 = 15/16 = 23.8mm (S12, S13 CA18/SR20, Z31, R33 GTST)
BM50 = 1″ = 25.4mm (91/2+ Z32, S15 Spec R, R32 GT-T M-spec, R32 GTR non Brembo)
BM57 = 1 1/16 = 26.9mm (up to 91/2 Z32, R32/33/34 Brembo)

Front rotor sizes:
S13 CA18 89-91 4lug – 257×22
S13 CA18 91-94 4lug – 280×22
S13 (JDM 5lug) – 280×22
S14, S15 SR20DET – 280×30
R32 M spec, GTST – 280×30
Z32 NA ’90 – 280×26
Z32 TT / NA 91+ – 280×30
R32 GTR (Non V-Spec) – 296×32
R33 GTST – 296×30
R32 GTR V-Spec / R33 / 34 GTR with Brembo – 324×30
R34 GTT – 310×30
All center bores are 68mm

Rear rotor sizes:
S13 (CA18DET euro) – 266×9
S14, S15 (SR20DET) – 258×9
R32/33/34, Z32 – 297×18
All center bores are 68mm

Front caliper specs:
S13 CA18/KA24 ABS 1×57.2mm floating steel CL25VA
S14 SR20DET DB1170 4×40.4mm steel
S15 SR20DET DB1170 4×40.4mm steel
R32 M-Spec DB1170 4×40.4mm
Z32 TT DB1170 4×40.4mm – 90-93 all aluminum, 93-96 all steel
R33 GTST DB1170 4×40.4mm
R34 GTT DB1170 4×40.4mm
R32 GTR DB1170 4×40.4mm
R32/33 Brembo DB1520 44mm+2x38mm
R34 Brembo DB1520 44mm+2x38mm

Rear caliper specs:
S13 CA18 34.93mm single piston steel floating AD9
S14 SR20 38.18mm single piston steel floating CL11H (built in handbrake)
Z32 TT/NA 2×38.1mm aluminum 2pot

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